Leadership Development Network (LDN)

Pine Tree Director: Pastor Bill Johnson

There are 14 Leadership Development Networks (LDN’s) in the U.S. and Canada. They are typically a three year evangelist/ church planter training program dealing with necessary knowledge and skills for practical ministry. Some LDN’s also train church leaders such as elders and deacons. This is a program sanctioned and initiated by the Christian Reformed Church of North America. Pine Tree LDN is currently the only LDN for Classis Atlantic Northeast (CANE), although another is slated to come on-line in New Hampshire in the near future. To the right are websites for four LDN’s and links that are associated with the LDN program.

The Adelante Program/ Evangelist Training Program: Los Angeles

Directors: Al Breems and Albino Melendez

British Columbia Leadership Development Network: British Columbia

Directors: Martin Content, Henry Devries, Andrew Turkstra

Midwest LDN: South Dakota

Director: Jim Hoogeveen

Ascending Leaders (was Texas LDN)

Director: Mike Johnson

Click below to listen to a message by Ryan Goding, one of our LDN members.

"We're on a Mission from God!"

Tim Curtis, also a member of the Pine Tree LDN, is a Pastor at United Baptist of Madison and is a Graduate Student at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, N.C.

"How to Function in a Dysfunctional World"


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