Common Grace

Community Connection - Bringing God’s Grace and the Community Together

Common Grace Core Values

Reconciliation – To bring churches, civic associations and other local institutions together.

Restoration – To meet the spiritual, economic, educational and vocational needs of the people and community.

Resources – Rather than competing, to pool local talents and resources to accomplish common goals.

Vision for 2009


Looking down the road to 2009, Common Grace will continue to grow relations with the Elementary School, the Parks and Recreation Department, and local theater groups. We plan for our Leadership Team to reflect more of the community with two residents who are not associated with River of Life Church. We will continue to pursue grant money to support job training programs, youth activities, renovations projects, and other community development initiatives.

Listen below to a message by Tim Curtis on how Common Grace Community Connection was formed, where it's headed, and how you can get on board.


How You Can Help

Pray with us for God’s direction, provision and impact in Athens, Maine.

Partner with us by adding Common Grace to your church’s missions support.

Promote the idea of Community Development in your church.


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