HIS Home for Children


Supporting Chris and Hal Nungester in their work with orphans in Port Au Prince Haiti.

About Us

His Home for Children stands for Haitian Interdenominational Shelter and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Christian ministry that was developed to care for orphaned and abondoned children in Haiti. Hal and Chris Nungester founded the non-profit organization in 1999, and minister under the leadership of a Board of DIrectors comprised of Christian leaders from West Central Ohio and Northeastern New York. His Home for Children is founded entirely through charitable contributions.

How You Can Help

HIS Home for Children is funded 100% through time, money and physical donations, thus, there is always ways in which you can help if you have a heart for it.  Please contact HIS Home for Children or the Pittsfield First Baptist Missions board for more information on how you can help.

Contact Information

H.I.S. Home for Children
3172 W. Breese Road
Lima, OH 45806
email: hishomeforchildren@hotmail.com


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